Memo to the owner of the sphynx

Some important advices for owner of Sphynx kitten from me So, you decide to have a new family member. This is a very responsible step, because we are responsible for those who we tamed. 

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Fortunately, the Sphynxes, Bambino and Elves are quite easy to adapt to new conditions. But on the first day in a new home kitten cat cry, because the new environment, it can be very carefully discreetness and caution. But feeling your love and care, they will quickly get used to you, new home and all family members.

They live perfectly with other animals in the house, but during the period of acquaintance it is necessary to be present and watch that the you domestic pets does not offend the new member. The first week or two is better not to leave them unattended, and in your absence to close in different rooms.

When the animals are already completely accustomed to each other, they begin to boldly play, lick each other – you can safely leave them together. If your new kitten enters a family with several animals, especially cats, obligatory condition – quarantine for 2 weeks. What does this mean and why is it needed? Firstly, moving, a road, a new home, a new owner is stress, and meeting new animals is double stress for cats, and under any stress the immunity is fall and the kitten can get sick. Therefore, for the first 2 weeks, select a room where you need to put a place or a pet bed, a toilet, and bowls with food and water, as well as toys of course). The kitten should stay in this room for 2 weeks, during this time the kitten will get used to new smells, microflora, the toilet, and will already begin to feel confident, and then you can expand his horizons and introduce to other animals. Step by step. The transition to a new feed should also always be smooth, otherwise diarrhea will occur from a fast change in feed. We don’t give cats any milk products!

A small kitten, even of the most calm nature, will add some chores in the new house, but this chores is pleasure. like any child, a kitten will be interested in everything: everything that lies wrong, everything that possible climb onto, everything what moves, everything that possible drag away and everything that possible play with.

A novice owner needs to carefully examine his entire home and imagine what he would be interested in if he were a kitten?

A kitten needs a lot of interesting toys, it’s very good if the kitten has a special “cat town” (complex), then your furniture will not suffer but if kitten continues  to try to spoil the furniture – loudly and strictly forbid him and show (in a softer voice) where he can to do it .

If the apartment (or house) is large, you can put several «cat toilets» at once in convenient places for you so that the kitten can calmly «make pee» and gradually remove those «cat toilets» that the kitten uses less and less and eventually leave one that is convenient both for you and for the cat. This issue should be taken especially seriously.

Sphinxes are very fond of all kinds of mink houses, mink bags, where he can hide and relax or hide in order to suddenly attack his prey in the form of master’s legs or other domestic animals.

Be careful when sitting on the chairs and sofas covered with a blanket – your Sphynx may be there, they really like to bask and enjoy themselves covered in something soft and warm like blanket.

The novice owner must always remember the open doors and windows! Cats are very curious, and especially sphinxes, and there is no such cat that would not be interested in what is happening outside the window or door. Do not allow the cat to be in an open window or balcony, because there is only one step to the trouble.

Also dangerous objects include sockets and wiring, medicines, cosmetics and household chemicals. It may seem ridiculous, but, talk to your Sphynx, bring up as a child what he is allowed to do in the house and what is not allowed. Sphynxes are very smart, they understand everything, maybe not immediately, but if you have more patience and perseverance with a kitten to teach him, you will not have any problems later with an adult, moreover, it will be interesting to live and communicate, because you will be surprised how smart they are and sociable, they can try to show you something, tell, warn something. Sphinxes are highly intelligent, just develop it in them!!!

Features of care for the Sphinx (Bambino or Elf). They are completely not complicated, as they may seem, they are just a little different, you just need to get used to them and caring for your pet will not take a lot of time.

The temperature in the apartment should not be less than 21 degrees, then your Sphynx feel comfortable. If the temperature is lower, it is advisable to dress the Sphynx, of course, in beautiful and fashionable clothes.

As the Sphynxes become dirty, they should be bathed or wiped with a damp towel, usually once a week, in the teenage period they can become dirty more often, and non-neutered cats are more often become dirty too, as a rule. Be sure to bathe with professional gentle shampoos, or baby shampoo with Ph = 5.5. Wipe dry after water procedures!

Claws are cut once every two weeks. In moderate amounts, in the corners of the eyes of cats become dirt accumulates (like jelly), which is removed with a cotton pad or cotton swab dipped in a cooled tea brew, a decoction of chamomile, or simply boiled water. dirt in the ears is removed from the inside only the visible part with a cotton swab as it becomes dirty, as well as before taking pictures or exhibiting. This is easy to do with a cotton pad or cotton swab dipped in water or olive oil.

You can also get professional care at veterinary points, for example, Trixie produces a huge selection of care products and is available in almost every pet store and veterinary clinic.

Talk, caress and calm your Sphynx during water procedures, claw trimming and hygiene procedures, this will calm the cat. During bathing, do not leave the water turned on, especially if the Sphinx is still young and not very used to bathing, it will be better without too much noise.

Sphynxes, like any other cat, like to bask and enjoy in the sun, but only Sphynxes can get tan. However, sunbathing can be taken only in the morning and evening hours, and even better, baths in diffused sun rays or in a shadow.

Any scratch on the skin of the sphinx leaves a white scar, and a skin disease leaves a stain. Therefore, the skin of the sphinx must be constantly monitored, protected from various skin lesions and fights with other cats. Usually abrasions and scratches heal very quickly, in 2-3 days, if the wound does not heal for more than 3 days, you should contact your veterinarian. Cats should be vaccinated annually, before vaccination for 2 weeks – give an anthelmintic medicament. Good luck to the new owners of the most wonderful cats in this planet… or not just in this.