Memo to the owner of the sphynx
So, you decide to have a new family member. This is a very responsible step, because we are responsible for those who we tamed.

Canadian Sphynx – unique, grace and a miracle of nature!
It is impossible to not turn your attention to the most amazing and unique creature – the Sphynx.

Cats Bambino with a lively character and completely amusing appearance. This is a small cat with an elongated strong body, short limbs, a wide chest.

Cats Elves got their name for their extraordinary fabulous appearance! Twisted ears, a lemon-shaped eyes and exotic hairlessness attract the attention of every viewer. A particular delight – people creative and extraordinary.

American Hairless Terrier
We present to your attention a unique, unusual breed of dog – American Hairless Terrier (AHT).