Cats Elves got their name for their extraordinary fabulous appearance! Twisted ears, a lemon shaped eyes and exotic hairlessness attract the attention of every viewer. A particular delight – people creative and extraordinary. Muscular body, on long legs, harmonious proportions, wrinkles on the face and neck. Amazing ears bent back, the curl can be twisted quite clearly (with such a twist, the ear has more compacted ear cartilage) and can be twisted slightly.

The tail of the Elves is long, tapering towards the end. Some representatives of the breed, usually in the first generation, have short hair, similar to fluff, on the tail, limbs and ears. Also, the ears can be fully untwisted, depending on the breeder’s breeding program. Skin color and pattern on it can be any. The weight of an adult cat is 3.5 – 4.5 kg, cats – 2.5 – 3.5 kg.

The Elf breed is one of the youngest; its history began in 2006 in America. This is the result of Long experiments by breeders Karen Nelson and Kristen Lead. Amazing appearance, these cats have inherited from progenitors – the Canadian Sphinx and the American Curl. In particular, the Elf cats got their name precisely because of the bizarre shape of their ears and hairless exoticism. The breed is still experimental.

These are smart and friendly animals, ready to give you all their affection. They are very active: they play and climb a lot, they like to climb to heights. Therefore, future owners need to take care of the game complex, which will not allow the cat to get bored. Despite their lively and sometimes restless character, Elves are very gentle and loyal cats. They will be happy to spend time with the owner, lying on his lap. Just leave them alone for a long time is not recommended. If you are rarely at home, it is best to find a companion animal for the Cat Elf.

Skin and ears will require care Like any other hairless cat, an Elf cat needs to be bathed once a week. You can also wipe it with a damp cloth. Ears also require care: you can get rid of visible impurities with a cotton swab. Well-balanced nutrition of cats can only be obtained from a professional feed of at least Super Premium!

The cat-Elf will become a luxurious decoration of your home and will give all the affection and attention to all family members!