Cats Bambino with a lively character and completely amusing appearance. This is a small cat with an elongated strong body, short limbs, a wide chest and a long tail.

Despite their small size, Bambino look strong and muscular. The head is wedge- shaped, with large wide-set eyes, prominent cheekbones and a distinct chin. Ears are very large, triangular, wide at the base and tapering to the top, raise. The forelimbs of the Bambino breed can be slightly shorter than the hind limbs. These breed are almost completely devoid of fur. A characteristic feature of the breed is the presence of wrinkles. Like other «naked» cats, their eyelashes and vibrises are either very rare and short, or completely absent. The weight of an adult Bambino is 2.2-4 kg for males and 1.8-3.5 kg for females. Color can be different. Bambino are very attached to their owners and need constant attention and tenderness. They are friendly, sociable and smart cats. Get along well with other pets and with children. The character is curious, active, like to play and constantly find a variety of activities. They are especially happy if the owner participates in the games with them.

The Bambino breed is the result of the crossbreeding of the Munchkins and Sphynxes – from the first they inherited short-legged, and from the second – the absence of fur (small hair is allowed on the face, ears, tail, soft fluff up to 2 mm can be present on the body and legs). The skin is velvety, dense, like the Sphinx, very pleasant to the touch. This is a young experimental breed, not recognized by most felinological associations.

Their story began recently, the first litter was registered in 2005. Now Bambino kitten can be registered in the register of rare and exotic cat breeds (REFR).

These are very sociable, social animals, so you should not leave them alone for long: they will be bored. Regular skin care is required: they need to be bathed, at least once a week, and protected from direct sunlight. In the cold season, Bambino cats need to be protected from hypothermia, you can dress on clothes or make sure that in the room where Bambino lives, it should be not lower than 21 * C. Do not overfeed Bambino, because they are prone to fullness, and excess weight will give an unnecessary load on the joints. Well-balanced nutrition of cats can only be obtained from professional food not lower than the Super Premium class!

In one litter Bambino short-legged kittens and kittens with normal limb length can be born. These kittens also comply with the Bambino standard and participate in a further breeding program. The name of the breed comes from the Italian word bambino – «baby», «child». This verbal description reflects the childish appearance that unusual Bambino cats retain throughout their lives. Choosing a Bambino as a pet and observing a simple basic care, you and your family will be satisfied with this amazing, decorative, unusual breed of cats. Image of Bambino literally immediately causes a smile and delight.

The compact size of Bambino allows you to always take it with you in your handbag on a trip, and Bambino will be happy to accompany you, because of its very social and curious breed!