American Hairless Terrier

We present to your attention a unique, unusual breed of dog – American Hairless Terrier (AHT).

For its exotic and unique appearance, active and curious nature, in just a few decades of the breed’s existence, American Hairless Terriers are gaining popularity at a tremendous speed, especially in Europe and America. A rather small dog with a strong shoulder girdle, muscular body in combination with light gait makes them elegant and harmonious. Although more like a toy breed, it is actually a very smart working dog. AHT are quite energetic, smart, loyal, inquisitive, they cannot live without the company of the owner, they are ready to always and everywhere accompany, they love to be useful, which makes them ideal companions. Despite their vigor and activity, the dogs are completely controllable. Great guard, because very distrustful for strangers, and try to show one more time to the owner their usefulness 🙂 These dogs really need love and approval of their owner, because madly attached and love him.

AHT perfectly find a common language not only with people, but also with other pets. Our dogs live with cats, and I say with confidence that they get along well together.

 AHT does not have hair, that’s why it will be an ideal pet for those who are allergic to hair, as well as for apartment keeping and for those who are irritated by pet hair everywhere : )))

For fashion lovers this is also a great opportunity to realize their fantasies in various outfits for your pet!

Due to its small size, this is a great animal for traveling together, and even in a small apartment, it will not take up much space and will give more joy and positive to any family! These little antidepressants are always happy and satisfied, if only the owner was there!

A bit about the history

The ancestors of these animals are rat terriers. For the first time this type of terriers was bred in Britain. Intelligent British used them on their farmlands as catchers for rats and foxes. They primarily appreciated dogs for their working abilities.

Why are they called American Terriers, The fact is that in the eighteenth century there were rapid processes of settlement of the “New Land” (America), as a result of which dogs of this breed were imported there.

Dogs gained their popularity among the inhabitants of America instantly, as they were the only animals that could fight back annoying rodents.

The current species of these animals was bred as a result of a natural genetic mutation. In the offspring of the rat terrier puppies were found puppies without hair. Little puppies, like two drops of water, looked like their parents, with the exception of one nuance – this is the absence of fur. The owners gave the extraordinary puppy to their friends, who were simply delighted with the appearance, good natured and well-developed intelligence of these wonderful dogs.

Having received this treasure as a gift, the family from the US state of Louisiana decided to start breeding these unique dogs. Before starting breeding, they had to consult with geneticists and dog handlers and the results were  positive, the breed is gaining its popularity very quickly.

The main feature of these dogs is that they do not have a coat. Their skin color can be either monophonic (gray or brown), or with spots evenly distributed throughout the body. The size of an adult dog can reach a height at the withers of 23 to 36 centimeters, and a weight of 3-6 kilograms. It is worth noting that these terriers have very expressive and diverse facial expressions. Delight, surprise, joy, discontent, smile, this is the arsenal that the dog can surprise you 🙂


You need to know all the features and secrets of its content.

The puppy like a child will need your care and love. Due to the fact that they do not have hair, you will need to lubricate the skin with a protective cream or put on clothes during the hot period and active sun. In the cold seasons, before walking, be sure to dress your pet warmly, as he may catch a cold as a result of hypothermia. Bathing a dog should at least once a week.

Sometimes in games or fights the dog can get an abrasion or a bruise, the abrasion just needs to be treated with any antiseptic, but more often if abrasion not deep they themselves heal very quickly.

Compared to other animals, grooming is not complicated, it’s just different, and you just need to get used to it, after which it starts to seem on the contrary, and fur caring and furniture from fur is usually takes more time.

When training, you need to pay attention to perseverance, justice, patience and consistency.

Such a decorative breed of mini dogs, like the American Hairless Terrier, can be kept in an apartment and also they feel very comfortable in a country house. And if you keep dog in the apartment, you should know that this active dog needs frequent walks in the fresh air and enough physical activity to maintain tone and physical fitness.

Agree, it is very pleasant to return home and know that a loving family and a faithful dog are waiting for you there. Once R. Karas said: “A dog is not the meaning of life, but thanks to dog, life takes on a new meaning.” With an American hairless terrier dog, your life will truly take on a new meaning!

Best regards and take care of your dogs )