Welcome to the site of the cattery of unique Sphynx cats, “Ankh Amulet”
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We present for you an unique and magical breed – the Canadian Sphynx.

The image of the true Sphynx is fascinating. In the Canadian Sphynx there is a special harmony inherent only to him, in Sphynx figure there is no straight line, they are all rounded, smooth and elegant.
The unearthly appearance of these creation is delightful, they are often called as a moon cat, the cat of the pharaohs, the Egyptian cat, the cat figurine, the mystery cat, the companion cat, all these names really suits this cats and the unusual amazing eyes of the Sphynx fascinate you. Sphynx is a very soulful being with a high intelligence and extraordinary affection to human. All these qualities have made this breed one of the most precious and prestigious.
Also in our family joined two attractive hairless cat breeds with a fantastic appearance – these are Elves and Bambino. Information and interesting facts about all three breeds, as well as a memo to the new owner, you can read by visiting our “Information” section.
All manufacturers are regularly examined by a professional veterinarian, have all the documents and are regularly vaccinated.
 Our cattery is registered in the WCF system (1822-2011), KLK “Irbis”, Ukraine, Portugal.
All manufacturers attend exhibitions at which experienced felinologists evaluate each cat and assign titles only to the best.
All our manufacturers are beloved and live with us in loving families.

The name of our cattery became the Egyptian cross Ankh, known since ancient times, also known as the “key of life and rebirth”, “the key to energy”, this key is an obligatory accessory of gods and pharaohs. Ankh gives energy balance, gives peace, comfort and family happiness, longevity and health. It personifies life, eternity, wisdom, it is a protective sign, a powerful money amulet, attracting welfare and prosperity.
We believe that the pets purchased in the “Ankh Amulet” cattery will become your amulet and bring happiness, luck, prosperity, joy and love to your home!